CBD Brand Directory

At Green Bee Life, we want to provide you with reliable information about brands from our experts and customers who have incorporated CBD into their health and wellness routines. Buying clean and consistent CBD products from a trusted source is important but often confusing, so we decided to offer this directory of buzzworthy brands.  While not all brands listed in our directory are sold in our marketplace, each has earned our trust by cultivating and manufacturing premium hemp-derived CBD products containing non detectable levels of THC - no more than the legal limit of 0.3%. 

The Real Story Behind Our Missing Products

You clicked to purchase a beloved product, only to find it's no longer available. We know how disappointing that feels. But there's a bigger story behind this – one of regulatory challenges, supply chain disruptions, and a passionate call for clarity.


cbdMD offers a wide variety of broad- and
full-spectrum CBD products. 

(Available in the GBL Marketplace)

Code Of Harmony

Code of Harmony offers sustainable, clean ingredient, 

CBD-infused skincare.


HOLISTIK™ Wellness offers a CBD drink mix in a pre-measured and conveniently portable Stir STIK™

Martha Stewart CBD

Martha Stewart CBD offers gummies.

(Available in the GBL Marketplace)

OM Wellness

Om Wellness offers a range of CBD products enriched 

with a myriad of plant based ingredients 

for skin and body care + pain relief.
(Available in the GBL Marketplace)

Grow It From Home

Grow It From Home is bringing hemp plants and seeds to the people and is on a mission to empower backyard gardeners everywhere.

(Available in the GBL Marketplace)


Paw CBD offers products for pets, including treats and tinctures, for cats and dogs.
(Available in the GBL Marketplace)


VETCBD HEMP has veterinarian-formulated pet products. (Available in the GBL Marketplace)

Bouquet CBD

Bouquet CBD offers full-spectrum CBD tinctures and topicals. 

Buzzworthy Brand Legend

Below is a legend for all the Buzzworthy Brand icons we use. These icons will help you identify which brands best fit your needs! If a brand has a given icon, we’ve verified that the brand qualifies for it!

CBD Isolate

Cannabidiol, also referred to as CBD is one of over 140 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants including both hemp and marijuana plants. CBD isolate is processed to remove all other plant cannabinoids, essential oils and terpenes to contain only CBD.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD includes many other cannabinoids — in addition to CBD — and other chemical compounds from the cannabis plant. It’s been processed to remove the THC, though trace amounts of THC (not exceeding 0.3%) may still be present.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD includes multiple cannabis plant extracts and compounds, including essential oils, terpenes, and other cannabinoids in addition to CBD. Full-spectrum products contain legal amounts of THC (at most 0.3%).

Greenhouse Grown

An enclosed and controlled environment can be beneficial. It can protect the hemp from disease and infestation as well as allow more efficient resource usage — like drip irrigation that recycles water back into the system.

Sustainably Sourced

This brand uses responsible approaches to create its products — from ethical treatment of workers to procuring ingredients that are good for you and the planet. It considers the social implications and ecological impact of every aspect of doing business.

USA Grown Hemp

Hemp plants that are grown in the United States are regarded as being of the highest quality. They are subject to strict regulation, which ensures your CBD products are made from the freshest, purest hemp possible.

Pre-Measured Dosing

Convenient individually pre-portioned/-measured packets, vials, droppers, or other containers that feature precise dosing. This ensures you’re getting a consistent and reliable amount of product every time.

3rd Party Lab Tested

Testing done by an outside lab means you’re getting unbiased results. This lets you have confidence in the CBD product’s certificate of analysis, which tells you if what’s stated on the label is actually what’s inside the product.

Natural Ingredients

Plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients present or produced by nature with minimal physical processing or intervention are included in these products.

USDA Organic

These CBD products are created from USDA Certified Organic Hemp. This certification provides hemp farms, processors, and CBD companies a way to stand out by offering consumers and retailers the assurance of safety and high quality. 


A non-GMO product is naturally produced with ingredients that aren't derived from genetically modified organisms or genetically engineered crops.  This means that the organism's genes have not been altered to change it in any way.


These are products made using 100% plant-based ingredients and techniques. They contain no animal-derived components. CBD, in its raw form, appears to be entirely plant based. But even products that appear to be plant-based can include steps in their cultivation and production processes which prevent them from being vegan.  

Gluten Free

These products don't contain gluten, a protein naturally found in certain grains including wheat, barley and rye. Gluten does not provide any essential nutrients and can trigger an immune reaction in people who have gluten sensitivities including celiac disease.

GMP Certified

Good Manufacturing practice (GMP) is a formal system for ensuring that products are consistently made according to quality standards that are designed to minimize the risks  that can't be eliminated through testing the final product.


Nanotech makes CBD molecules super small so that they're able to pass more easily into the bloodstream. This increases the CBD's bioavailability enabling superior absorption and quicker results. 

Water Soluble / 

Superior Absorption

Regular CBD oil doesn’t mix well with water-based substances. However, nano-emulsified CBD has been processed in such a way that allows the oil to dissolve quickly and easily into any liquid. Water-soluble CBD has greater bioavailability and versatility.

NASC Certified

The National Animal Supplement Council (NASC Quality Seal) identifies products from companies that are committed to quality, vigilance, and continuous improvement to promote the wellbeing of companion animals and horses.

Cruelty Free

These products are manufactured or developed by methods that do not involve experimentation on or cause harm to animals. 

Conscientious Packaging

These brands leverage eco-friendly packaging that can be reused, recycled. They may use materials that are naturally biodegradable - like glass, metal, paper, and increasingly certain plastics. Other brands boast minimal or no packaging. 

Money Back Guarantee

Green Bee Life marketplace brands are required to offer a minimum of a 30-day money back guarantee.  cbdMD has raised the industry standard by offering an industry-best 

60-day Money Back Guarantee.

How GBL Finds Trustworthy CBD Brands

The Green Bee Life marketplace family of brands have been rigorously vetted. Brands are only brought back to our Hive after successfully answering a long, comprehensive list of questions and completing thorough testing. We only partner with and support brands that:

  • Make products with CBD derived from USA-grown hemp, which is subject to full regulatory oversight from the farm to the processing to the end product.

  • Work hard to formulate proprietary extraction processes that preserve valuable cannabinoids and terpenes.

  • Package and store products in FDA and NSFGMP-registered facilities.

  • Offer a minimum of a 30-day money-back guarantee. (cbdMD has the industry’s best guarantee at 60 days!)

  • Are recognized by experts and consumers alike as trustworthy.

  • Have products that are third-party-tested by an independent, ISO-accredited lab for safety, potency, pesticides, heavy metals, mold, microbes, and other contaminants.

  • Manufacture and test products to provide consistent levels of cannabinoids while maintaining legal, sometimes non-detectable, levels of THC.

  • Feature products that are cruelty-free, non-GMO, paraben-free; and do not use sulfates, dyes, or other harsh chemicals; and have no pollutants that could harm your skin in skin care products.

  • Make lab tests and results, as certificates of analysis (COAs), readily available to consumers on both the brand’s and our website — for every product.

  • Price products fairly (in line with the market) and provide exceptional value.

  • Have positive customer reviews and address any negative reviews satisfactorily.

If a brand isn’t available or excited to answer our questions, or its responses are inadequate — it’s not included in our directory.