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In case you’ve been wondering, here’s where to buy HOLISTIK Wellness products! Green Bee Life has all the HOLISTIK Wellness brand goodies you want at great prices. So, drink up to that (and the boost you’re giving your self-care regimen)!

Like you, the HOLISTIK Wellness company is driven to improving health and well-being. That’s why it created its line of tasty and effective functional beverage add-ins, called STIKs. There are STIKs for better sleep, digestion, muscle recovery, mood, and beauty.

When you buy HOLISTIK Wellness products, you can count on premium ingredients and formulations designed to tackle common wellness complaints. For example, inside each STIK from HOLISTIK Wellness: USA-grown hemp-derived broad-spectrum nano-emulsified CBD and other powerful botanicals.

People love to shop HOLISTIK Wellness online because they can get just a few STIKs, a bulk pack, or a sampler. Plus, it’s easy to scope out your options and purchase HOLISTIK Wellness products from the GBL marketplace. It’s really an unbeatable all-around value (even better when you snag some HOLISTIK Wellness sale items!).

  • Fanwood, NJ

  • (833) 843-7845



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  • Broad spectrum

  • Greenhouse grown

  • USA grown hemp

  • Pre-measured dosing

  • 3rd-party lab tested

  • Natural Ingredients

  • No pesticides. No GMOs

  • Water soluble/superior absorption

  • 30-Day Money back guarantee

A Full Range of HOLISTIK Wellness Products for You to Sip On

HOLISTIK Wellness Brand FAQs

Not familiar with HOLISTIK Wellness? That’s OK! Lots of people have questions — like these….

Does Green Bee Life sell HOLISTIK Wellness near me?

The Green Bee Life marketplace is an online-only shop; we don’t have any brick-and-mortar stores. But, when you purchase through our website, your order is sent directly to you. Nothing’s more convenient than your doorstep! Plus, our site has toms of resources to facilitate your browsing and buying experience.

How long has the HOLISTIK Wellness company been around?

HOLISTIK Wellness has been on the scene since 2018 with the goal of offering cleaner, easy-to-use high-quality CBD products for greater well-being and quality of life. The company was founded in Fanwood, New Jersey, and has greenhouses in upstate New York.

Are HOLISTIK Wellness products recommended by Green Bee Life?

Definitely! This is a stand-up brand offering terrific products. We can say this because we rigorously vet brands before allowing them to join the GBL marketplace. HOLISTIK Wellness passed our discriminating screening process so you can trust both the company and its products.