Introducing Maya Elisabeth, the visionary CEO and founder behind OM, a distinguished cannabis brand celebrated for its exceptional edibles, tinctures, and topicals. As one of the pioneering female-owned and operated cannabis companies in the nation, OM has garnered acclaim, boasting over 40 prestigious awards, including 22 Emerald Cups and 11 High Times Cups.
OM's accolades extend across diverse categories, ranging from edibles to topicals, tinctures, body and bath care, and concentrates. With a rich history rooted in serving medical patients through the collective model of Prop 215 for over a decade, OM secured one of the first adult-use manufacturing licenses from California, marking yet another milestone in Maya's groundbreaking journey in the cannabis industry.
In 2019, Maya launched OM Wellness, introducing Hemp CBD and THC-free alternatives of OM Living products directly to consumers, health stores, specialty retailers, spas, and beyond. Every product formulation bears Maya's signature touch, reflecting her deep spiritual connection with cannabis and her belief in its universal significance for well-being, pleasure, and prevention.
Maya's profound commitment to serving through cannabis shines through in OM's high-quality, multi-herb healing products, meticulously crafted to remain accessible to all consumers. As a respected thought leader, educator, and judge, Maya's influence transcends borders, earning her recognition as one of The Top 100 Most Influential People in Cannabis by High Times and Green Entrepreneur.
Join us in extending a warm welcome to Maya and her exquisite line, embodying the spirit of innovation, compassion, and empowerment in the cannabis movement.

  • 274 Grandview Rd Sebastopol, CA 9547



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  • Broad spectrum

  • USA grown hemp

  • 3rd-party lab tested

  • Natural Ingredients

  • No pesticides. No GMOs

  • 30-Day Money back guarantee

Om Wellness