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Yes — even your beloved animals can enjoy the wellness support of cannabis! The key is understanding when to use it, what kind to use, and how to administer it. We've got you covered with all that info — and more — so you can level up your caregiving.

Could CBD calm my anxious pet during fireworks - Green Bee Life

Could CBD Calm My Pet from the Stress of Loud Noises & Fireworks?

If you are a pet owner and live in a major US city, you’ve probably already seen or heard fireworks these past few months;

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Martha Stewart, Wine & The Humane Society for animal rescue - Green Bee Life

How Pairing Martha Stewart Wine & The Humane Society Helps Support Animal Rescue

Martha Stewart hosted a virtual wine tasting to benefit the Humane Society of the United States

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Don’t make these 7 common missteps while cooking cannabis edibles - Green Bee Life

Don’t Make These 7 Common Missteps While Cooking Cannabis Edibles

Cooking your own cannabis edibles can save money and be a fun way to create concoctions to enjoy cannabis.
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