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Motherhood, Is There a Cannabis Strain for That?

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– April 26, 2022

(Updated on March 18, 2024)

For this Mother’s Day, Green Bee Life has partnered with Martha Stewart CBD, My Bud Vase and Grow it From Home to celebrate moms who, according to a 2019 Eaze Insights Survey, are nearly twice as likely to be open with their children about cannabis than dads. The pool of brave woman is increasing.

Moms (and dads) make people. People, in turn make culture, so it stands that parents are society’s original and largest influencers.

Who better should have access to self care, natural remedies and comfort measures? After all, we are as strong as the women (and men) who raise us.

Openly discussing the need for a “strain” to take the edge off from the challenges associated with Motherhood and parenting of any kind is a brave and liberating gift to mothers and their families this mother’s day. The meaning of the modern cannabis lifestyle, and consumer, is expanding by leaps and bounds beyond adult recreational use to include hemp-derived CBD oil plus an entire array of cannabinoids from the non-psychoactive parts of the cannabis plant. Despite decades of misinformation and misguided stigmas, the general health and wellness benefits from Cannabis for moms is emerging.

Life is hard, as evidenced by our burgeoning opioid crisis. Life is even harder for a mom.

Many moms are looking to or already have considered cannabis options for wellness solutions over FDA approved pharmaceutical anti-anxiety/sleep prescription medications, and arguably unhealthy fast food comfort measures (my go to, the In and Out Burger, Double Double).

So why the taboo and skepticism against this new class of women? Marijuana misinformation combined with misguided and confusing schedule 1 classification and prohibition are two of the biggest culprits. Recent Department of Justice and Drug Enforcement decisions, some successfully while others unsuccessfully challenged by the Hemp Industry such as the ruling upheld by the San Francisco, 9th Circuit Appeals Court further stigmatizes and confuses the potential criminalization against oil extracts from all parts of the Cannabis plant (not just the marijuana part as defined by Congress) as a Schedule 1, illegal drug.

While our legislators are fixed on moving words around in a curious and ever increasingly unpopular attempt to keep this plant, a private right to a public good, from the masses, this Mother’s Day Green Bee Life celebrates all moms and salutes mothers from around the world who are open to the cannabis conversation and advancement of safe and responsible - legal - use and research.“Aside from everything else, how was the play Mrs. Lincoln”? Or in other words, regardless the angst caused by the confusion over the legality and decades of stigma against both the psychoactive and non psychoactive benefits of cannabis strains, for moms facing, what Jon Kabat Zinn refers to as the “Full Catastrophe,” cannabinoids like CBD and THC are game changing.

Wishing all moms, happy and calm from everyone at Team Green Bee and The Hive!

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Posted on April 26, 2022
Updated on March 18, 2024
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