• Smell proof and water resistant
  • Rubber-backed exterior
  • Double hook and loop seal
  • Volume 0.5L
  • Carbon Filter System
  • Custom protective lining
  • Dimensions: 11" x 6"

Each bag has a nylon or cotton canvas exterior that has a heavy duty rubber backing. The rubber backing, that is invisible from the outside, works as our first line of defense by creating odor containment and resistance to water. The carbon filter system has 3 separate layers. The two outer white layers are synthetic filters, and the middle layer is activated charcoal. Combined these layers create a filtration system that soaks up all unwanted odors. Although at first it looks solely cosmetic, the lining actually protects the filter system from wear and tear, allowing the bag to have greater longevity.


The stylish and discreet Revelry Confidant features a Carbon Filter System that ensures dry herb or concentrate smells never escape the bag. The innovative Carbon Filter System is constructed from odor-absorbing charcoal and two synthetic filters.

The Revelry Confidant is equipped with a durable rubber-backed exterior ensuring your goods remains protected. The rubber-backed exterior is water-resistant, and even aids in trapping odors.

Care & Use

To remove smells from your Revelry Confidant, simply place the bag in a dryer for a few minutes.