Banana Bros OTTO Smart Herb & Spice Mill & Fill Grinder

The World's first automatic smart mill & fill machine. This all in one tool was engineered for convenience, the OTTO combines the functionality of an electric grinder and automatic cone roller in a single device. The mill adjusts to any herb for the optimal grind and the fill automatically prepares the perfect pre-roll.
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Employing their own innovative SMART milling technology™, banana bros. equipped the OTTO with a spring-loaded mill that mimics human hand grinding gestures, ensuring that content is ground to uniform perfection. Using the OTTO makes grinding and/or rolling your herb a simple, intuitive experience. No more relying on multiple tools to prepare your dry herb for cooking or smoking. You can quickly roll a cone whenever you want, or stock up so you always have your ground herb ready. Equipped with patented SMART grinding technology, the OTTO automatically adjusts to the optimal grind for whichever herb is loaded. 

What's in the Box:

  • 1 banana bros. OTTO Grinder
  • 1 Fresh Seal Cone Tube
  • 1 Extra Seal
  • 1 Cleaning Brush
  • 1 USB Charging Cable
  • 1 Cone Retention Straw
  • 20 Premium Cones - 100% natural high-quality raw fiber - crafted with care in Bali, each cone is free of GMOs, chlorine, and animal products.

  • Sleekly and ergonomically designed all in one device
  • A single button with an LED backlight gives you easy mastery
  • Fills 20-30 cones per charge, automatically and evenly
  • Equipped with patented SMART grinding technology
  • The OTTO smart mill transforms dry material into a cone in seconds.
  • Travel-friendly and will grind all with the push of a button. 
  • Comes with 20 premium cones that are carefully hand rolled for reliable performance
  • Full flavor, aromas, and effects from each recipe or draw with a slow, even burn.
  • Automatically adjusts to the optimal grind for whichever herb is loaded.
  • The chamber features a high grade, wear-resistant metal teeth perfectly aligned for shredding dry herb down to fine granules. An o-funnel ensures steady, spill-free loading, while a transparent cone tube allows you to observe your cone as it fills up with dry material.
  • Equipped with an airtight seal, the OTTO prevents odors from escaping the tube, ensuring a stealthier experience.
  • A magnetic connection enables swift, snap-on attachment for easy retrieval of your freshly rolled cones.
  • A USB port enables rapid charging from a variety of power sources.

Care & Use

Simply load the chamber with dry herb and for a pre-roll - place a premium cone in the tube. Attach the grinder to the tube using the magnetic connectors located under the device. Hold the power button down to turn the device on, then press it once to begin grinding. This innovative electric grinder will sense changes in the material and make adjustments to ensure perfect consistency. The cone will then be evenly filled with ground herbs.