Best Hemp CBD Pet Products

with Maria Calabrese

On this episode of know n' go - Best Hemp CBD Products For Pets, Maria takes you on a journey of the best hemp-derived CBD products on the market for pets  Covering products ranging from treats and tinctures to topicals, Maria will show you some great options for your pet's wellness, with products for cats, dogs, and even horses.  If you have a fur baby, whether a dog, cat or horse, you will want to check out this episode!

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Hemp CBD Products for Cats

No matter how aloof your feline is, you love your four-legged best bud. Show you care by helping your kitty stay healthy for as long as pawssible. CBD for pet formulations are purrfect for kidney support, maintaining calm, and irritated skin. THC-free CBD for cats comes in flavors and forms that are sure to be the cat's meow.

paw cbd Calming CBD Oil Tincture for Cats

Let's face it, even cool cats can get stressed out sometimes. Whether it's about going to the vet, getting a nail trim, meeting new people or (seemingly) nothing at all, this bestselling hemp calming oil for cats makes a great addition to your toolkit for helping handle feline stress.


My kitty loves the taste of this cbd. 2. Our trips to the vet are truly more seamless than ever. The vet even asked how I got her to be so relaxed (as she knows our trips in to see her are typically very stressful for us both). She was so impressed!

paw cbd Soft Chew CBD Treats for Cat Wellness

Spoil your cat with the purrrfect whisker-licking good flavored snack crafted to support everyday health for your feline friend. CBD cat treats are rigorously tested by third party, ISO certified labs to guarantee consistent quality with no detectable THC.* Get these delicious chicken and catnip flavored soft chews in two CBD concentrations - 1mg and 2mg chews.


Our Cat is right around 13 years old. She has slowed down lately and is having trouble with her joints and energy. It took a couple of weeks, but we have definitely seen an improvement in both areas for her. We give her 1 in the AM and 1 at PM.

paw cbd Kidney Support Soft Chew Treats for Cats

These veterinary-formulated, salmon-flavored CBD soft chews for cats combine broad spectrum hemp, licorice root powder, astragalus root powder, and nettle leaf extract for kidney support combined. They're a whisker-licking good CBD soft chew that your feline friend will love!


This product has been very helpful to my 18.5 year old Bobby-Cat who has early stage Kidney issues. She moves around more, eats better and is always ready for her treat.

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Hemp CBD Products for Dogs

As a loving canine caregiver, you want your hound happy and healthy furever. Hemp-Derived CBD for pets could help with common issues like achy joints, anxious tendencies, or irritated skin. THC-free and designed for animals, our vetted USA sourced CBD for dogs comes in flavors and forms your paw pal is sure to take to.

Martha Stewart Soft Chews for Dogs

The Martha Stewart CBD Soft Chews for Dogs are tailored CBD options for you dog. With formulations like Wellness, Mobility and Calm, the Original Influencer has combined incredible flavors into treats your dog will absolutely love! They come in two sizes - for small to medium dogs and large dogs - giving you an easy and enjoyable way to help your dog live its best life!


This has been a god send for my anxious arthritic dog, Sweet Pea. She gets one a day and lets me know if I forget.

Martha Stewart CBD Well Drops for Dogs

Some dogs have sensitive stomachs, so a soft-baked chew may not be ideal. Martha Stewart's chicken-flavored CBD Well Drops for dogs is an excellent alternative that is gentle on the stomach. Just fill the dropper, then add it to regular meals or drop the oil directly into your dog's mouth. Combining broad-spectrum CBD extract in sunflower oil, the Well Drops intend to enhance dogs' physical and mental well-being. Designed by Martha herself, each pet product is USA-made. All ingredients are naturally derived and contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives (NASC certified).


I saw a noticeable difference within the first week of use. 10/10 recommended!

paw cbd Hard Chews for Dogs

Provide your pup the whole-body benefits of hemp. These CBD hard chews are veterinarian formulated and made with precise amounts of broad spectrum CBD, offering a consistent amount of wholesome goodness that will have your dog sitting up and begging for more! In three strengths - 5, 10 & 20 mg each treat - and two flavors - baked cheese and peanut butter.


Our dog limped around for 3 days took him to vet and said nothing was broke. Told me to start him on different medicine and tired with no good results. Started him on one a day hard chews and he is back to his usual self (Keeping the neighborhood safe).

paw cbd Nose To Toes Dog Balm

The paw cbd Nose to Toes Dog Balm is made with 250mg of proprietary broad spectrum CBD infused with softening and moisturizing ingredients to hydrate and smooth noses, elbows, and rough, chapped, or extremely dry paw pads. It's comes in a handy tube stick, making application easy.  This balm ensures that your dog’s paws remain soft and supple, protecting them from sensitivity and helping to maintain grip.


Works so great on my pups dry spots all year long! He is especially loving it as the weather gets colder. I just roll some on his paws and nose before and after we take our daily walk!

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Hemp CBD Products for Horses

Is your horse the happiest and healthiest it could be? If you're shaking your head and saying, "Neigh!" — Hemp-Derived CBD equines may put the spirit back in your steed's step. We offer only the highest quality, veterinarian-formulated, and lab-tested THC-free equine CBD that just might help put your pony's mobility, skin, or mood issues out to pasture. Give it a go!

VETCBD Hemp Tincture for Equines

Combined veterinary experience with medical cannabis and hemp knowledge create this CBD formulation developed specifically for horses.  It supports normal brain function, joint mobility and calmness.  Triple lab tested and back by a 100% satisfaction, 30-day guarantee.

SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Due to laws in Idaho, Kansas, Nebraska and South Dakota VETCBD is unable to ship this product to those locations at this time

Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp CBD for Pets

How does hemp CBD help my pet?

CBD for pets is formulated to support everyday health and wellness for your best friend by promoting a sense of calm, supporting joint mobility, normal brain and GI function and helping to manage reactions to everyday stressors.

A growing number of happy pet parents have reported welcome results for challenges associated with separation issues and noise aversion.

How does hemp CBD oil work in an animal's body?

All animals have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) and it regulates different bodily functions including mood, maintaining a sense of calm, mobility, supports physical comfort, helps manage everyday stressors and supports an overall health and wellness routine. The ECS consists of cannabinoid receptors that the cannabinoids our bodies produce bind to and influence how well or not so well our bodies and organs work. CBD and every other cannabinoid from the cannabis plant interact with these receptors in our pets and in ourselves.

While we share an endocannabinoid system with our pets it’s important to know that CBD products for pets is not the same as CBD products for humans. It is important to use only CBD products that are precisely formulated for pets and keep your personal CBD products for yourself. Many CBD products for humans contain small amounts of THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. Dogs especially have more brain receptors for THC than humans do, so are more sensitive to amounts of THC. Animals are also known to be hypersensitive or in some cases allergic to certain terpenes that can be found in cannabis plants. You can avoid these issues by using products formulated specifically for your furry friend.

What should I look for when reading the label for a hemp CBD pet product?

Shopping for pet CBD products can be intimidating. Once you’ve narrowed down the type of product your pet prefers, whether chews or an oil, there are still so many products out there to choose from.

Levels of CBD can vary widely from product to product. Measured amounts of CBD based on your pet’s weight is key. Make sure the product you are choose works with your pet’s weight range.

Always choose a product that lists CBD and other active ingredients on the package as well as inactive ingredients for anything your pet might be allergic to. For verification of how much CBD is in each product, only shop brands or online marketplaces that offer test results on their website.

Be sure to review the directions for use section which should include how much of the product you should be giving on a daily basis.

Can my pets take CBD products meant for people?

While we share an endocannabinoid system with our pets, it’s important to know that CBD products for pets are not the same as CBD products for humans. You may be incorporating CBD into your everyday routine, and as a loving pet parent, you of course are going to want to extend CBD to your pet’s daily schedule too.  

It is important to use only CBD products that are precisely formulated for pets and keep your personal CBD products for yourself.  

Many CBD products for humans contain small amounts of THC, the intoxicating cannabinoid from the cannabis plant. Dogs especially have more brain receptors for THC than humans do, so are more sensitive to amounts of THC. 

Animals are also known to be hypersensitive or in some cases allergic to certain terpenes that can be found in cannabis plants.

Are CBD pet products regulated?

From a regulatory standpoint, CBD falls into a category of ingredients not currently being officially reviewed by the FDA.

Sadly, because of this, there are manufacturers and brands in the marketplace that sell CBD pet products without quality manufacturing and safety practices and or label them with false claims.

The products above have been fully vetted by us at Green Bee Life and we can recommend them to you knowing they are the very best for your fur babies.

Our Featured Hemp CBD Pet Brands

We are thrilled to introduce cbdMD’s - Paw CBD, Martha Stewart and VETCBD HEMP pet products to our GBL Hive! Each Specially formulated for animals by veterinarians to support your pet’s daily health, wellness, sense of calm and mobility. Each founded by pet lovers for pet lovers and crafted from lab-tested, high-quality, USA-grown hemp. I love their commitment to providing natural options for animals. High quality ingredients, veterinarian formulated CBD products that are specially created for your pets.

PAW CBD - Broad Spectrum CBD Pet Products

We are thrilled to introduce cbdMD - Paw CBD products to our GBL Hive! Specially formulated for animals by veterinarians to support their daily health and wellness. Every cbdMD Paw CBD pet product is carefully crafted with high-quality, USA-grown hemp to deliver the benefits of cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, and CBG (coined the mother of all cannabinoids). Each batch is fully tested by third-party, ISO-certified laboratories to provide purity and potency trusted by pet owners and their pets. This unique line of Broad Spectrum hemp extract offers something for your best friend of any age, body type, and lifestyle with flavors that they will love. cbdMD has been recognized by trade and regulatory agencies for redefining the industry standard while backing each and every one of their products with the industry's best Guarantee (60 days).

"Dedicated to providing clear, accurate information so you can make informed personal choices about your health."

Martha Steward CBD - Isolate CBD Pet Products

From the expert in better living, comes this exquisitely crafted line of CBD wellness products. Sophistication meets innovation with these premium hemp pet treats, and oil drops. Each tested for purity, potency & safety. A blend of gourmet flavors–developed by Martha herself– and inspired by the ingredients Martha loves to use in her baking. Martha Stewart's close friend and former co-host, Snoop Dogg, introduced her to Canopy Growth, the industry leader in CBD technology and manufacturer of CBD products you can trust.

VETCBD - Full Spectrum CBD Pet Products

VETCBD Hemp believes every pet should have access to the purest, most effective supplements designed to support their wellness. It is with this mantra their founder, veterinarian Dr. Tim Shu combined his veterinary expertise with his medical cannabis and hemp knowledge to craft these Green Bee Life - Founder's Choice, full-spectrum CBD products to help your pet live their best life.