My Bud Vase® Stardust Glass Water Pipe

. . . She is Stardust, she is golden and she has to get back to the garden. Or perhaps she has to get back to the center of your entertaining table! "It's a bong! It's a vase! It's a bong! it's a vase"! Check out the My Bud Vase Bong Song video featuring a variety of our bestselling dual purpose bud vases.
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This thick textured glass decanter features hand-painted gold detailing with matching stopper.  She comes with a large clear bubble bowl and an ivory pearl anemone flower poker. This piece is everything you are looking for in a decorative and functional My Bud Vase to add ta sparkle to all your festivities!


  • Vase Dimensions   H: 12 inches W: 4 inches
  • Custom Slide - 9 millimeters 3.25" Small Clear Bubble Bowl Fixed Downstream
  • Pearl Anemone Flower Poker
  • My Bud Vase tag & Certificate of Authenticity 

Care & Use

About the My Bud Vase - Empowering Women One Vase/Bong at a Time

My Bud Vase artisanal glass pieces are creatively designed to inspire a uniques character in each vase, offering style and sophistication to match your own distinct flair.  From the ever popular Mermaid vase to the "Friends" trio - Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe these beautifully crafted pieces of functional art will surely delight!  This boutique brand aims to empower women while offering a beautiful alternative to the traditional water pipe.  Connoisseurs who prefer an elegant smoking experience will adore the artistry, ingenuity, and femininity of My Bud Vase's stunning collections.