Piranha Rainbow Glass Anise Star Ashtray

Looking for a stylish ash collector that you are proud to display? Consider the Piranha Glass Anise Star Ashtray. It's made with thick, durable glass with a rainbow tint, includes a deep cavity, multiple notches and when you a purchase a Piranha product you will be supporting their philanthropic efforts to educate and feed children and families in India.
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  • 1 x Piranha Glass Anise Star Ashtray
  • Rainbow hues
  • 1 x Piranha Display box
  • Thick durable ashtray
  • Easy cleaning (Dishwasher safe)
  • Deep Cavity
  • Multiple notches for placement

Our Piranha lineup includes a variety of products to complement each unique smoking session, including grinders, glass pipes, quartz bangers, stash jars, and dabbing accessories. To be completely blunt, we believe that everyone should have access to high design when it comes to cannabis accessories, so that is why we partnered with this wonderful brand that creates quality products that won't break the bank.

We also understand the importance of each smoke session to be seamless, enjoyable, and memorable. That is why we partner with brands that keep our customer's happiness in mind with each product they create.


  • 1 x Piranha Glass Anise Star Ashtray
  • 1 x Piranha Display box

    Piranha is a tried and true brand offering a wide and affordable selection of premium and well-designed cannabis accessories at revolutionary prices for the discerning cannabis consumer.  From Gen Z to the OG's Piranha has set out to create products that define quality, performance and style.

    Created with a high-minded intention: 

    To provide the best smoking experiences by offering a broad range of trending and functional accessories at affordable prices while advocating for social equity and environmental awareness. Nathan Todd, the Founder of Piranha knows the importance of giving back and it's impact on individuals, communities and the world at large.  We are very grateful to have partnered with manufacturers who also value helping others.

    Piranha Giving Back:

    • Piranha's Grinders contribute to local schools in India - Piranha Grinders are produced in a small town outside of Delhi, India near underdeveloped communities. Resources are few and far between, including basic needs like healthcare and education, food or clean drinking water.  Opportunities are few and far between.  Piranha has created a school that functions to provide much needed essential resources to local children and families, including many who are even employed at their factory. Making and selling grinders, is the foundational bedrock to funding the school.
    • When you purchase a Piranha Grinder, you'll do so knowing that every dollar spent is not only valuable but impactful!