Bee Line Organic Hemp Wick - 9 Feet

The BEST hemp wick without a doubt. It's organic! Honey coated and made from two ancient renewable resources, organic hemp dipped in organic beeswax for a cleaner flame. It is used as a butane alternative to light medicinal herbs and pipes, fine cigars, hand-rolled herbs for smoking and much more.
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Bee Line is the World's First and Best Hemp Wick Made from 100% Certified Organic Hemp.  Born from a desire to find a better flame source alternative then butane. Bee Line harvests its hemp in Eastern Europe and its award winning product is shipped to over 34 countries around the world.  Bee Line has pioneered the name, hemp wick and an entire industry that prides itself on both human and earth friendly products. No soot, no weird taste or chemicals, or bleached wick.

AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: Box of 15 and Box of 54

Suggested Use

  • Clean alternative flame source to butane
  • Easy to ignite
  • Unbleached, unrefined and chemical free
  • Darker, natural color
  • Doesn't lighter-burn your hand
  • Compact, lightweight and waterproof
  • Easy to story, transport, carry
  • Acts as a long stem matchstick keeping hands away from fire
  • Use extends the life of lighters
  • Non-toxic and burns clean in small enclosed spaces
  • Thick wick is more wind resistant
  • Attracts bees when used in gardens
  • Available in Two Sizes: Box of 15 and Box of 54


Mainly used as an alternative flame source to butane, BEE LINE Hemp Wick is also used for: fire starter, camping, lighting gas and wood stoves and fireplaces, candles, and in gardens, among many other uses including in gardens to attract bees. A great compact item for your survival gear.

Thick Wick is more wind resistant.