How To Make a DIY Hemp Floral Bouquet

with Maria Calabrese & Emily Gogol, Ph.D.

A hemp flower bouquet is a fun and practical way to incorporate this awesome plant into your environment.

What do you need for a hemp floral bouquet? 

  • Hemp foliage - works for any flower arrangement of your choice. It will last for weeks if water is kept fresh.

  • Hemp flowers - green & fluffy to punctuate the color of your other flowers.

  • Other flowers: secret for bouquet making - use flowers from your local supermarket to practice. It doesn’t require expensive, artisanal flowers.

  • A container with water. A large mason jar with enough water to cover the stems of everything. It is important to change the water every other day to make the arrangement last longer.

Grow It From Home CEO Emily Gogol, Ph.D.

Featured Guest: Grow It From Home CEO Emily Gogol, Ph.D.

Emily Gogol is the founder and CEO of both Infinite Tree, a hemp cultivation farm, and Grow It From Home, a business selling hemp seedlings and seeds direct to consumers.  She has a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from University of California, San Francisco.  Her love of gardening and passion for science led her to leave San Francisco to open Infinite Tree farm.  It was while operating Infinite Tree that Emily started to receive requests for hemp seeds and seedlings from backyard gardeners all over the country.  So Grow It From Home was born.

Three Simple Steps to Build A Bouquet With Hemp


step 1 - put the greens in the bouquet first
Put the greens in first.

First, put the greens in the container you've collected and filled with a bit of water. The greens form the backdrop of the arrangement.  Hemp foliage makes a stunning backdrop for colorful flowers to pop against because of its incredibly rich dark green color.


step 2 - choose flowers on the rule of odds
Choose your flowers on the rule of odds.

When you choose flowers using the rule of odds, you choose an odd number of flowers (1, 3, 5, or 7) to include in the arrangement.

Use one flower for a dramatic flower arrangement or choose multiple flowers for different color complements, but stay with an odd number for the best effect.


step 3 - arrange the flowers & foliage as desired
Arrange the flowers & foliage as desired.

Now is where your creativity can shine!  Carefully arrange the color flowers around the greenery until you have your desired look.  You can make the arrangement symmetrical.  You can bunch one color in the center to add a focal point. You can play with different stem lengths to give the arrangement an appealing height dimension.  The ideas are only limited by your imagination!

Products To Help You Make Your Own DIY Hemp Floral Bouquet

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Frequently Asked Questions About Using A Bong

Why grow hemp?  What can someone do with it?

It has many uses: 

It can serve as an herb with which to infuse oil.

Create a screen or hedge around your yard or patio.  

Create shade when the plants attain some height.

Use as a conversation piece using hemp plants as shade.

People have been known to use hemp for pain relief, anxiety relief & relaxation.

It can be smoked, cooked, or eaten raw. 

Why grow hemp at home?

There are a lot of reasons why someone chooses the plants they do to include in the garden.  Aside from personal reasons of your own, there are two very important reasons:

One, you can control the growing environment, such as soil, soil amendments and water, to ensure nothing bad is introduced to your plants.

Two, even beginners have said they have grown the best hemp flowers they have ever had - improved flavor, aroma and cannabinoid presence - in small containers in their backyard.

How much hemp should someone grow?

Hemp is sort of like zucchini, you will have so much you need to give it away.  Three plants would provide more than enough flower for personal use.

To what states can hemp be shipped?

Because of state regulations, currently only the following states can order and receive hemp seedlings or seeds:

Alaska, Arizona (indoor growers), California, Colorado, District Of Columbia, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, New York, Oregon

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