How To Choose The Best Cannabis for Your Personal Use | Ladies Kitchen S1:E07

Did you know there are cannabis sommeliers? How to pick the best flower for your needs is similar to choosing your favorite wine, by training your nose.

Distinguishing first hand through your sense of smell how each unique flower strain will affect you and becoming familiar with how you will react to the different strains, regardless of the strain name, is the best way to pick a flower for your desired effect. While delivery services are discreet and convenient, we think about dispensary visits like going to the grocery to pick out our favorite perishable produce! Strain names similar to perishable produce names, #grannysmith are not reliable and we all know the disappointment of having an apple delivered with our groceries that we would not have picked for ourselves.

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Don’t Make These 7 Common Missteps While Cooking Cannabis Edibles

Cooking your own cannabis edibles can save money and be a fun way to create concoctions to enjoy cannabis.
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