Buy CBD for Pets & Animals: Wide Range of CBD Pet Products

Pets are cherished family members. They bring their humans such joy and offer so much support every single day. Return the favor by taking exceptional care of your critters — with CBD for pets. Formulated by vets and available in many flavors and preparations, there's a THC-free*, broad-spectrum, or full-spectrum product for every animal companion (even finicky ones).

Animal CBD oil can provide the same kinds of benefits and relief that people seek in human-use CBD. That’s why so many pet parents look to CBD for help with a range of physical and emotional wellness support for their cats, dogs, and horses. Now’s the time to get CBD for your pets so they can be on their way to a more vibrant healthful lifestyle!

If you’ve been wondering where to buy CBD for pets, you’ve found it! The Green Bee Life marketplace is your one-stop shop for your pet’s CBD essentials.

Buy CBD for Pets: CBD Pet Products by Animal Type, Brand or Product Type

Need to buy CBD for pets and want something you can trust? We make it so easy!

You'll find a wide selection of superior pet CBD goods — designed especially for dogs, cats, and horses and vetted (pun slightly intended) by us — here. Our animal CBD oil products:

  • Are available in isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum CBD varieties
  • Come in tinctures and drops, treats, and CBD topical preparations
  • Are made by the industry’s top CBD for pets brands

So, stock up on CBD for your fur baby today!

CBD for animals of all shapes and sizes

Different pets have different needs. Luckily, makers of CBD for animal consumption take this into account. In the GBL marketplace, there are specific products that cater to the particular requirements of our canine, feline, and equine friends.


As a loving canine caregiver, you want your hound happy and healthy furever. Hemp-Derived CBD for pets could help with common issues like achy joints, anxious tendencies, or irritated skin. THC-free*and designed for animals, our vetted USA sourced CBD for dogs comes in flavors and forms your paw pal is sure to take to.


No matter how aloof your feline is, you love your four-legged best bud. Show you care by helping your kitty stay healthy for as long as pawssible. CBD for pet formulations are purrfect for kidney support, maintaining calm, and irritated skin. THC-free* CBD for cats comes in flavors and forms that are sure to be the cat's meow.


Is your horse the happiest and healthiest it could be? If you're shaking your head and saying, "Neigh!" — Hemp-Derived CBD equines may put the spirit back in your steed's step. We offer only the highest quality, veterinarian-formulated, and lab-tested THC-free* equine CBD that just might help put your pony's mobility, skin, or mood issues out to pasture. 

Best Sellers in Our CBD Pets Store

Our virtual shelves are lined with cannabis oil for animals products that’ll have your pet’s tail wagging. In fact, here are some of the most popular CBD for pet-use items right now. Get yours while you can!

Shop Animal CBD Oil by Brand

At Green Bee Life, we’re as serious about taking good care of your animals as you are. That’s why we only work with the best brands — ones that aren’t all bark and bite. (Bite being reliable and high-quality, of course.) You’ll see nothing but top producers are allowed in the kennel.

Martha Stewart CBD

From the expert in better living, comes this exquisitely crafted line of CBD wellness products. Sophistication meets innovation with these premium gummies, tinctures, soft gels, skincare topical & hemp pet treats, and oil drops. Each tested for purity, potency & safety.


With over 40 years of veterinary experience and a love for animals, the VETCBD Hemp team is comprised of people passionate about helping your pets thrive. Rooted in a belief that every pet should have access to the purest, most effective supplements designed to support their wellness.


Specially formulated for animals by veterinarians to support their daily wellness, every cbdMD Paw CBD pet product is carefully crafted with high-quality, USA-grown hemp to deliver an array of cannabinoids including CBD, CBN, and CBG.

FAQs on CBD and Pets

If you’re new to the world of animals and cannabis, there may be a few lingering questions — like these.

Is CBD toxic to dogs?

Is CBD OK for dogs? The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is that — in general — CBD is considered non-toxic and is generally well tolerated. For pets, it’s critical to only administer THC-free formulations as THC can be toxic to canines. And, of course, following the package instructions for dosage is imperative to having dog-safe CBD. Overdosing ingested CBD can lead to poisoning.[1]

Is CBD safe for dogs and cats, or is CBD bad for dogs and cats under some circumstances?

Researchers have been looking into “Is CBD harmful to dogs and cats?” because it’s a burning question on everyone’s mind. Current studies indicate that CBD is safe for your feline and canine companions.[2]

However, pets can have side effects from taking CBD. These are generally mild, temporary, and associated with larger doses. The most commonly reported side effects include sleepiness, dry mouth, and tummy troubles.[3,4]

Can you use CBD for rabies?

CBD is not a treatment for rabies. It can be used to help manage symptoms — like anxiety, pain, or hyperactivity — that your pet may be experiencing.

It’s advised to make sure your pooch is up to date on its shots, including the rabies vaccination. But, if you suspect your dog may have rabies — take your pet to a vet for proper medical care ASAP as unresolved rabies can be lethal.



Our Green Bee Life Marketplace CBD pet products use hemp extracts that are manufactured through the highest standards from USA grown hemp 

and tested by third party labs to guarantee no detectable THC.

*FDA DISCLAIMER: These statements and products have not bee evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. 

*SHIPPING RESTRICTIONS: Due to state laws we are unable to ship Pet CBD Products to Idaho and "Full Spectrum" Pet CBD products to Kansas at this time.