Content Creators: Join GBL TV with Your Own Branded Channel!

Content is King…But only if there’s a Kingdom…Or a Queendom! Let us help you build, promote and distribute your own branded channel on GBL TV!

More than 500 hours of content are being uploaded to YouTube EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY worldwide since 2015. That’s a lot of content – and a lot of competition for viewers. And not only does that content have to perform, attract and engage the masses it has to convert to a call to action. It’s why content creators, producers, media companies and brands who are serious about creating AND promoting their content need the right execution and the right marketing on the right platform. It’s also why they’re turning to Green Bee Life to help them launch and distribute their OWN branded channel on GBL TV.

So Many Reasons for Partnering with Us

No matter big or small, if you’re an individual content creator, producer, enterprise media company, business or a brand who cares about creating and communicating compelling content on a mass scale, here only a few of the reasons you will want to partner with GBL TV...

  • Monetization Options: We’ll brand and distribute your channel through both your and our websites, video player, news, blogs, social media channels and more. Monetize on multiple platforms. Embed a blog, a Facebook page or your own website, for example. We offer both domestic and foreign distribution with the flexibility to presell your content by market or at scheduled times. Or, geo-block / fence by country, with a paywall for direct sale.
  • Multiple Platform Distribution: Today’s consumers are typically using different devices and platforms on any given day; we leverage this by offering a distribution plan through multiple platforms, which lets people directly and quickly access our content on any browser, any device, anytime.
  • Premium App (Coming Soon): Our premium app will increase content views and revenue.
  • Intuitive User Interface: People’s tastes are broad – even in a single market. But our user interface enables us to quickly learn and adjust the content to fully engage viewers.
  • Target Audience & Measurement Tools: Even in a targeted group of consumers and viewers, how do you personalize the content in a way that appeals to audience members’ individual preferences and interests? We’re able to share insightful analytics and data to help you target specific audience groups – and then review the metrics, readjust and reset for a more targeted, more personalized content strategy.
  • Conversion: Easily convert and increase your existing channel’s online presence.
  • Integrate and Leverage your YouTube account with your GBL TV channel.
  • Livestream with dynamic ad insertion, and leverage HD quality live streaming.
  • Industry Expertise & Experience: Partnering with us means you’ll be able to access our Over the Top (OTT) streaming experts, content and communication strategists, as well as the right experts to negotiate the very best licensing deals. We’re here to help.

Thinking about launching your own channel on GBL TV or producing an exclusive Playlist for one of our channels? We’re here to help.

To get started tell us a little about yourself so we can talk partnerships, details and action plans.