About Aspen Green Products 

Aspen Green is the culmination of two kindred families, united by a shared passion for delivering natural, healthy solutions for your well-being. With a deep love for the unspoiled beauty of the Colorado Rockies and a commitment to natural remedies, Aspen Green offers a range of Full Spectrum hemp products for both people and pets.

Dedicated to delivering the purest CBD products for your well-being, Aspen Green ensures that none of the beneficial compounds including cannabinoids, vitamins, minerals, alkaloids, and flavonoids are removed from their products. Their guiding principles of Quality, Integrity, and Transparency shape every aspect of their journey, from sourcing USDA Certified Organic hemp grown in Colorado to providing lab test results easily accessible through QR codes on their product labels and boxes.

In addition to their commitment to quality and purity, Aspen Green is also dedicated to environmental responsibility, using sustainable farming practices and eco-friendly packaging. They offer a diverse range of products, tailored to specific needs, backed by a strong track record and medical expertise. They use premium ingredients featuring flavors you’ll actually want to consume.

Aspen Green also supports veterans and first responders by offering special discounts as a token of appreciation for their service.

At Green Bee Life, we strive to advocate, educate, and empower our community to make the best choices. Aspen Green shares our commitment to delivering accurate, valuable information about CBD.

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Physician Formulated

Dr. Adam Perlman, MD, MPH, FACP

Former Director for Integrative Health & Wellbeing for Mayo Clinic 

Executive Director of Integrated Medicine for Duke University 

Boston University School of Medicine, MD, MPH 

As Aspen Green’s lead advisor, Dr. Perlman uses his expertise to shape our product formulations. While not paid for testimonials, he receives compensation for consulting and advisory services. Mayo Clinic, Duke University nor Boston University do not support or endorse any commercial products or companies.

  • Denver, CO

  • 888-578-5900



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  • Full spectrum

  • Physician-formulated

  • USA grown hemp

  • Pre-measured dosing

  • 3rd-party lab tested

  • Natural ingredients

  • Non-GMO

  • GMP certified

  • FDA-registered facility

Aspen Green Brand FAQs

If you’re new to Aspen Green, it’s natural that you might have questions about the 

company and its products. Here are some we hear a lot.

What makes Aspen Green's CBD products unique?

Aspen Green's CBD products stand out due to their commitment to using USDA Certified Organic hemp, ensuring the highest quality and safety standards. Their full-spectrum products include a wide range of cannabinoids, enhancing therapeutic benefits through the entourage effect. Aspen Green also emphasizes transparency, providing QR codes linking to independent lab test results on all products. Additionally, they are dedicated to environmental responsibility, using sustainable farming practices and eco-friendly packaging.

Are Aspen Green's CBD products safe to use?

Yes, Aspen Green's CBD products are safe to use. They undergo rigorous third-party testing to ensure purity and safety, checking for contaminants like heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. Aspen Green adheres to federal regulations, ensuring their products contain no more than the maximum THC limit of 0.3% by weight. Their dedication to quality, integrity, and transparency ensures the purest and safest CBD products.

What are the benefits of Aspen Green's organic farming practices?

Aspen Green's commitment to organic farming practices offers numerous benefits. Using USDA Certified Organic hemp ensures that their products are free from synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, resulting in cleaner and safer CBD. Organic farming also promotes soil health and biodiversity, contributing to a more sustainable environment. These practices ensure that Aspen Green's products are not only beneficial for your health but also for the planet.

Does Aspen Green offer any discounts or special programs?

Yes, Aspen Green offers special discounts for veterans and first responders as a token of appreciation for their service. This commitment to supporting those who serve the community and country reflects Aspen Green's dedication to making their high-quality CBD products accessible to those who need them most. Check their website for more information on available discounts and programs.